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New Directions For Topher

Back in August I joined Howard Development and Consulting (now as an experimental employee. My role was to promote WP Wallet and see if we could make it go as a product.

Ultimately the project was shelved, and we pivoted to making training courses. While that was taking off and I had a great time, it didn’t take off fast ENOUGH to support my salary. Training courses are tricky that way. That means this week my role changed from being a full time employee to being an independent contractor with them.

This also means I’m free to look for other full time employment. 🙂

It’s awkward as always, especially at Christmas, but we’ve navigated worse. I’m excited to still be collaborating on work with a great group of friends, and I highly recommend them as an agency and employer.

So what’s next?

Given that I’m no longer the sole breadwinner in the family, I have a little bit of leeway to take my time and look around for something interesting. I have a couple of leads already and in the meantime I’ll be doing some light freelancing, writing, teaching, etc.

We also have some exciting ideas for HeroPress, which unfortunately had to take a backseat to the other changes happening this year.

We have some ideas for new projects, and want to get existing things back into shape as we head into 2023. There’ll be an end-of-year post soon with more information.

What am I looking for?

I excel in situation where I have face-time with people. I’m able to create an environment where they feel confident talking to me, heard, understood, accepted, and safe. I can then discuss the problems they’re facing, and work with them to solve those problems.

I love motivating, inspiring, and educating. Seeing eyes light up with understanding and the excitement of a clear vision created feeds my soul. It’s exciting to show them the path forward and get out of the way.

I thrive on mentoring younger developers. Using my nearly 30 years of development experience, I can help them grow and improve their mindfulness about coding, their relationships with clients, co-workers, and superiors.

If you’d like to talk with me about any of these things, or even something else, shoot me an email at

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