2000 Dynamax Isata Sport Sedan C290

Our story begins…

In 2010 I quit a perfectly good job and started freelancing as a web developer. My wife didn’t have a job outside the house, and we were homeschooling our kids, and we realized we could live anywhere. We started looking around at the world to see where we might want to live. My youngest, 9 at the time, was HORRIFIED that we would sell “her” house.

Sophia, smiling

At the time we joked that when the girls were grown, rather than having them move out, WE would move out. They could keep the house, and we would get an RV and travel around the country full time.

In 2020 it was decided that the time had come. The girls were 19 and 21 and had jobs. We did math and figured out that with two roommates they could afford to take over the bills of the house, essentially becoming homeowners in everything except the title.

Choosing The Next Thing

Cate and I started thinking about what we really wanted. Did we want to move to the Caribbean? Did we want to get a nice apartment close to home in case something happened at the house? Did we really want the RV life?

We started watching RV reviews on YouTube. We watched hundreds, vacillating between something small we could tow, something big we could tow, something small we could drive, something big we could drive and tow a small car; the options seemed endless with no obvious answer. The prices ranged from $25k to $80k.

Cate got a full time job in the spring of 2021, and we were leaning pretty hard toward an apartment, so that she could get some stable time to get used to that.

Changing Everything

Then one evening my father-in-law called. He said his neighbor was selling his RV and it looked pretty good. It was a 2000 Dynamax Isata C290. That’s a 29 foot long Class C, which is the kind you drive. He sent us this picture.

The price was only $12k, which was far below our budget. Since my father-in-law was there to verify it was in good condition we decided to go for it. And that’s how we became RV owners!

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