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In my last post about our life’s adventures I mentioned we were going to spend the winter in a cabin up north. We’ve decided not to do that. There were a plethora of reasons, and it just makes sense to stay here until spring.

Cate accepted a job at Automattic, and could use some months of high availability bandwidth and location stability while she dives into that. The added income is also going to allow us to do some work on the house that’ll feel good to get done before we leave it to the girls. These months will allow for that.

Last week we dropped Agnes off at The Shop for the winter. She’s going to get new flooring, some new parts, and a paint job. Basically a huge upgrade, and I’m very excited about it.

We’ve considered not living on the road permanently, but still moving out of the house and either getting an apartment, or moving from one AirBnB to the next, tasting the country. Both would provide a little more stability for Cate’s job and still allow us to take Agnes out for weeks at a time if we wish.

One of the things I’m excited about in our new life is the flexibility. If we want to pivot, we can, any time. Maybe we’ll live in an RV. Maybe we’ll get a beautiful apartment downtown, close to cool stuff. Maybe we’ll move to Portugal. Who knows? But it’s all exciting.

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