Birds flying high across the sky.

Something New For Topher

So this morning my friend Mitch sent me a note that said “Hey, can we chat in Zoom?” I said sure, and 10 minutes later I didn’t work at WebDevStudios anymore.

Fortunately they reassured me it had nothing to do with performance, they simply didn’t have the work to support me. All things considered they gave a generous severance. I really enjoyed the people I worked with, the work itself was fun and challenging, and I’d recommend working there to anyone.

As for what’s next I don’t really know yet. I could use some side work while I figure it out, let me know if you know of any.

I’ll be working on HeroPress at the same time, any support there would also be great.

In Other News

I think we’re selling Agnes the RV. It just doesn’t fit life right now. It’s bitter sweet.

Cate went to Rome this last spring for Work, that was fun for her, and I ate at my favorite chili dog place.

We’ll see what happens. God is good, always.

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