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A New Job For Topher

Two weeks ago I was let go from Camber. I was really encouraged by the number of people that came forward and suggested jobs they knew were available, or outright asked me to apply for openings they had. Much love to the WordPress community.

One was from Rob Howard at Howard Development and Consulting. He asked me to apply for the Senior Developer position they had open. I wasn’t looking for that, but he ALSO said “Are you still looking for support for HeroPress?”

I let him know I wasn’t interested in a dev position, but HeroPress support sounded good. That began a long Slack conversation about what I DO want to do for a living, and how HeroPress fits into that.

At the end of that conversation he whipped up a job offer and yesterday I accepted!

So what’s the job?

I’ll have two roles. The first is Community Director, primarily focused on the WP Wallet product. It’s new, young, exciting and needs people to try it out and give feedback. So here I am asking you to do that!

The second role is as a sponsored HeroPress worker. I haven’t figured out what to call it yet. Contributors are people who write essays. Anyway, some of my time will be on HeroPress! This is super exciting for me, I’ll be able to build some things I’ve been looking forward to, and create a bunch of content.

We’re still working out what precisely I’ll be working on, so watch for news.


  1. This is such encouraging and amazing news, Topher. Of course Howard Development and Consulting is lucky to have you, but to tailor the role in such a positive way is just the best news.
    Congrats to everyone involved.

  2. This is such an exciting news! I’m so happy for your new adventure, Topher. The role sounds exciting, and I am even more glad that you now get to contribute more time for HeroPress as part of the new role. Can’t wait to see what comes next in the HeroPress chapter!

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