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Looking For A New Job

This last Thursday I was let go from Camber Creative and I’m not sad about it. Let me be clear, Camber is a fantastic company, and everyone who works there is a delight. They have great policies, the pay is great, etc. They were also good to me in ways no employee has a right to expect. So why am I not sad?

Camber hired me for a specific task, indeed at the time a specific contract. We learned in time that my particular skill set simply isn’t one Camber needs very often, if ever. I found myself doing less and less WordPress work. They could have let me go long ago, but instead chose to work to find a place for me. I tried a variety of tasks, but we always ended up a place where the things I’m really good at weren’t needed by Camber. That’s just not sustainable.

It also wasn’t super happy for me. I was grateful for the work, and happy with the people, but it didn’t make my heart sing. That’s also not sustainable.

So Thursday was it. They gave me a fair severance, and the offer to work for them as a contractor where it fits.

What’s Next?

Well, on to a new job, assuming I like eating. A couple years ago when I was looking i went 6 months without an offer. The time after that I had a job within two hours of the old one.

I’ve been very heartened this time by the number of people who’ve stepped forward to make suggestions, speak for me internally etc. The community has been kind.

I have one very solid offer so far, and I think a second will come and I’ll have to make a hard choice. We’ll see what happens.

Also, for the first time ever we have enough put by and other income that this isn’t an emergency, which is really really nice.

What About HeroPress?

We’ll see. 🙂

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