Renaissance Faire 2022

In Holly Michigan they have a Renaissance Faire that runs from August to October every year. It only operates on the weekends, but that’s still quite a span of time. It’s crazy hot in August, and delightfully cool in October.

There are lots of acts, food, and stores. And the costumes! It’s very rare to see anyone in full costume, but equally rare to see someone without anything at all. So it ranges from people who obviously spent several hundred dollars on their costume to people in street clothes with a pirate hat on. One of the things I love about the Ren Faire is that everyone tries, and no-one looks down on anyone else for having a “lesser” costume.

We try to go every year, sometimes several times per year. This year we went twice, with the second being for Sophia’s birthday. Her present was that we paid the way for a bunch of her friends, and then we didn’t really hang out with them. She turned 21, and tried alcohol for the first time in a Ren Faire pub.

Here are a bunch of pictures, some with comment, some not. Most of the people posing are strangers than I asked if I could get a picture.

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