WordCamp US in San Diego

WordCamp US 2022 was in San Diego this year. The last several WordCamps US have had three co-lead organizers. This year Cate was one of them. She and her team worked very very hard for about 8 months, overcoming crazy obstacles that no-one expected, and in the end pulled off a great event. It had a few hiccoughs, but no-one got covid.

It was a special time for many people, because it was their first WordCamp literally in years. The WordPress community is such a family that being apart was a real hardship.

The venue was too small to hold the usual number of attendees, but it was really the only one available. It had its pros and cons, but one of the pros (in my opinion) was the pools. The venue was a resort, and had a main pool as well as some smaller pools around the venue. I was surprised by how much the pools were used. I didn’t think our community would want to hang out in pools, but a surprisingly high number of people did.

My role was non-specific support guy. I did whatever anyone needed me to be doing. I built things, directed traffic, connected people, answered questions, handed out shirts, stood at a booth for a while, etc. It was really fun to be able to come into contact with so many people.

Here are some pics of the setup.

And here are some one-off pics.

TV with an interview being played
My friend Josepha wasn’t able to attend, so I was very happy to see her on a TV in the sponsor room.
Fancy bottle
I attended an after party and they had tequila in this cool bottle.
Scene of the beach
One of the after parties was near the beach in San Diego.
Very old truck camper.
I saw this amazing old truck camper while out at an after party.
A sponsor booth with some people standing around
This is the Gravity Forms booth. Most booths were about this size.
A name badge with a caricature on it
One of the booths had an artist doing caricatures for people. Guess who this is?
People at a party
This is another after party. A good time was had by all.

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