Winter scene

Rounding out 2021

We haven’t taken Agnes out on a trip yet, we’ve had a really busy summer. That said, this week we’re taking it back to the shop and they’re going to basically show us how to use it, right down to the last switch and button. Then we’ll feel a lot more comfortable with it.

We might take it out this fall, but we’re not going to start the Big Adventure until spring. We plan to leave Agnes in the shop for the winter and they’re going to put in new flooring, and MAYBE some solar and some other things. They’ll then store it for the winter for free as well.

Meanwhile, Cate and I are going to move up north at the beginning of December. Her brother still owns the family farm, and her Grandmother’s old house is still there. We’re going to rent it through the spring and then decide what to do next.

It’s pretty remote, they own about 350 acres and I’m really looking forward to some cross country skiing. The girls are going to stay in Grand Rapids and their cousin is moving in. So Cate and I will have a good amount of quiet time together to work on HeroPress, plan our future, trim down our possessions, etc.

We’ve been in this house in Grand Rapids and living with the girls for 20 years now, so it’s still going to be a big change, even without living in the RV.

There’ll be more posts this year I’m sure, this isn’t the last one, but it’s been a while since we posted and inquiring minds want to know.

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