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WordCamp Europe And My Birthday In Porto, Portugal

In June Cate and I went to Porto for WordCamp Europe. You may have gathered that from the title. It was our first time in Portugal, and we LOVED it. The city of Porto is wonderful, inexpensive, with great food and beverages, good street music, everything.

Let’s start off with WordCamp and talk about my birthday at the end.

WordCamp was just as amazing as I expected it to be. Not only did I get to see friends I hadn’t seen since Before, many of them were from places in the world I wouldn’t normally get to, so it was extra special. Friends from places like Nepal, India, Italy, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Luxembourg. South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and many more. Lets get on with the pictures!

Porto has many rivers in it, and on our first night in town we went on a river cruise party with GoDaddy and Pagely.

The event itself was really fun as well. Lots of old friends.

There was a party way out on the end of a pier on a rooftop. To get to the top you walked this huge spiral walkway around and around the building.

These two mansions were across the street from our hotel. This view is the from the bar on the top floor of the hotel.

My Birthday!

In July 2021 I turned 50. We had been planning for a few years to something big, but when the time came we couldn’t go anywhere or hang out with people. So it was a normal birthday year. Takeout ribs, good movies, etc.

In 2022 our life situation changed a LOT. Cate got a job so we had some more financial freedom, we were moving out of the house, so we had some physical freedom, and someone was paying us to go to Portugal and hang out with friends. Not a bad deal. We considered hopping over to Scotland for a whiskey tour, but the place I REALLY want to visit was going to something like $5000 for the trip.

So instead we decided to stay at an AirBnB in Porto for an extra week. When I stayed in Barcelona I really loved staying in the old part of town, so we did the same thing in Porto and it was GREAT.

Our AirBnB was quite small, but very modern and came with a washer and dryer. Also a big TV. It was within easy walking distance of a grocery store and about five different restaurants. One of our favorites was an Indian place.

Porto was VERY inexpensive. We could take an Uber all the way across the city for about $3, and we went to a FANCY “Mexican” place, where they come out and ask what they can cook for you etc. That and a fancy bottle of wine was $55 for the two of us.

We really enjoyed walking down by the river. We walked down there a couple times, and took an Uber a couple times. They’re very different experiences. The streets are very very narrow and very very steep.

And finally, some pictures.

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